"Lasgoul is not a world where the weak reign." - Szyzon

The New World Edit

The Council of the Damned - Resigned Edit

Baron Wilhelm Godfried - Displaced

"Heroes and villains do not exist. There are simply those who have what it takes, and those who do not."

Krieger Schletz - Deceased

"Try me."

Baron Duc Gaston Dumonte - Deceased

"Money does not talk. I do."

Baron Gladios Valladian Magnus - Deceased

"You haven't seen anything until you've watched entire worlds shredded to oblivion by powers beyond your wildest imagination. Until you've seen the Abyss."

The New Order - Dissolved Edit

Lord Arthax Radalf - Deceased

"You've got two choices in this world. My way, or get the hell out of my way."

Lord Sala - Displaced, Escaped

"Intelligence is the true measurement of power."

Count Arnon - Displaced

"If politics were a game of chess...'Check'."

Liberatus Edit

Council of the Common Man

Councilman Deryck "Law" Ehrhardt

"We will show them the power of the common man."

Kraetia Edit

Ulrich Blackblade - Deceased

"Honor and strength. Without these, you're nothing."

Jae Blackblade - Displaced

"This world's seen too much war. It's our duty to lead our nations into a new age of peace, not of war."

Deyrin Blackblade - Current

"In this world, only the strong may survive."

Dominatus Edit

Archbaron Wolfhein

Kalain Dragonbane

"Cast in steel, born in fire."

Prog Edit

Lord Hafenrichter -- Deceased

"To kill a Progan in battle is not to defeat one. You are simply giving us what we want."

Grand Marshal Siegfried -- Displaced

"Our victory is inevitable."

Lord Rex Vikter

"I live and die for Prog."

The Old World Edit

Emperor Edward - Deceased

"Like so many pawns, you're all just a piece on the board."

The Board Edit

Dexion Prospero

"It's not personal, kid. It's business."


"You did not hear it from me."

Cormack O'Patrick

"Family before business. Business before all else."

Valerio Calvero

"Rules are made to be broken. Therefore there are no rules."