Dinarindioushodo is a Rhen with silver hair, tied in a ponytail. His eyes are a royal purple with a sort of feel as if he's staring at you no matter where he looks. His face has an angular look, with small eyebrows, slightly tilted eyes, flat cheeks that looked like triangles, a triangular nose, and a sharp yet small chin covered by a small silvery-gold beard. He has a thin sort of build, with slightly muscular arms, meant for an archer. His pale skin is unmarked by scar despite his history. His arm is filled with a bold black tatoo that translates to mean "The Homeless".


He's rather carefree, going where the wind takes him and laughing while he travels. However, when asked about his past he tends to blank out and stare at nothing. He is very easy to be around, a great thing for his usual occupation.


Since he needs money for his travels he tends to grab odd jobs in random cities and villages. The job he usually ends up getting is that of an assassin, due to his choice in weaponry. His second most given job is as a hunter's aid.


Being a Rehn he has skill in the song, but being kicked out of the Gerindwell his now causes any wood he holds, while singing, to become corrupted and deadly. His weapon of choice is the Cho-Nu-Ku , a crossbow that can fire a magazine of ten small bolts (The magazine being quite large). Since the bolts are small he usually sings the wood that is used to make them poisionous. The poision itself varies based on his song ,and, at times, ends up having a random effect. His signiture as an assassin is that the enchanted wood tends to change colors based on how long the target took to die. He also has skill in forestry, able to climb from tree to tree like the Rehns of his once-home.


He was born to a typical Rhen family, his father being a druid and his mother a carpenter. He lived a rather typical life until he turned fifteen. He had fallen out of his home, on the edge of the Gerindwell. A man stood there, a man from the wastes. He looked at the broken Rehn with hungry eyes, he pulled out a crossow with a box on top and, just before he could shoot Dinarin, two blocks of wood smashed in his head. In the distance, Dinarin could see the council-member in his dark green robes. As the man vanished, the boy realised something, he never wanted to have to feel so weak again. A week later, after healing from rather minor wounds for what happened. He climbed down from the trees that night and went to the man's corpse. He grabbed the man's crossbow and some of the bolts and hid them in a bag, then climbing up to the trees again. He then spent months training himself in it's use and as he did so his tatoo began to fade. One day it was gone completely, noticing this he tried to hide it, but it was discovered when a druid grabbed his arm as hetried to run. Upon seeing it the man shrieked a song and a new tatoo grew from his arm, that of "The Homeless" after it happened he blacked out, to wake up miles away from the forests with nothing but his clothes and a crossbow. After that he began to travel.

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