Bully Creel a character made by deches in Infernus.

Simple informationEdit

Name: Bully Creel
Age: 17
Occupation: Bounty Hunter; Bodyguard; Quarry Worker
Appearrance: 6 ft 5 in tall, muscular build, wears nothing but a pair of brown shorts and sometimes a bull skull over head, blonde hair ceasar style, blue eyes, broken nose and several scars around back and chest area.
Weapon/s: Bully will always carry his trusty mace, short sword and crossbow. Bully also carries every now and then, spears, daggers, axes, hammers, sickles and shields. He will never use a gun.
Personality: Short temper, dumber than a pile of *Censored*, Persistant, Friendly most of time unless your his target.


Bully has a complicated back story, as he was 20 once, then he was turned back to 8, then he grew up to 30 then got warped back to 17 by a elven wizard (Don't get me started). So lets start at his...First life could you say?
Bully was born into a rich posh family, yet he never quite fit in so he was threw out for a few days until he behaved better, so he got into a few fights and eventually found the bandit camp, of course this is where his proper story started, he grew up the rest of his lives with the bandits killing, stealing and doing whatever he want. He attempted to kill an Elven priest to get immense powers instead he was de-aged to 8 years old, he grew up again, he attack the wizard again when he was 30, he killed the wizard after being turned back to 17, now he works in a quarry and is also a murderer and bodyguard for hire.