Baron GodfriedEdit

Age: 46


Baron/Kaisar of the New Auslands


New Kriegburg, the mighty fortress/city standing vigil over the New Auslands


Extremely tall, roughly six-eight, though incredibly thin. Pale white skin, short close-cropped grey hair and judgeing, icy blue eyes that seem like they could see straight into your soul. He speaks slowly and carefully, with a deep and slightly monotonic voice. Godfried always wears a black button-down shirt, with black pants and dress shoes. His entire right arm is made completely of metal, obviously one of the incredibly expensive golem-limbs, and is roughly half a foot in diameter.


Baron, or Kaisar Godfried was the prince of the Auslands in the Old World. When he was roughly twenty two years old the Imperium War Machine had invaded, and the grossly outnumbered and out-gunned Auslands fell, though did an outstanding job of holding up for two bloody years. However, his father was assassinated in their capitol, Kriegburg, and Godfried left to the New World, taking with him thousands of countrymen still loyal to the homeland. Ever since then, for the twenty two years that the Imperium has been in control of the New World, he has been plotting a way to retake the Auslands, which he desperately wishes to see free and soveign. Due to his constant brooding Godfried has developed an intense hatred for the whole of the Imperium, and obssesses with bringing about its destruction. He has since set off to find the Chalice of Eternity with his faithful companion Krieger and a few of the mercenaries that he has employed.